Interview of an American student
Brookfield East
* Hi you are on CNN with Katy to talk about the life of an American student.
* How many years is highschool ?
High school goes on 4 years and there are 4 grades: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.
* What is a typical day of an American student ?
School starts at 7:55 and ends at 3:07.Classes are 49 minutes long, with 5 minutes passing time between classes. For example I’m giving you my schedule.
* At what time do you have lunch?
I eat at 10:42 to 11:31 a.m, or 11:36 to12:25 a.m, or 12:30 to 1:19 p.m.
* What is a typical lunch like?
I can have a hot lunch and a la carte. And I choose what I want.
* What are your school supplies ?
For each class I need afolder and a notebook, and most teachers like if you have a binder. I can write in pen for every class except math where a pencil is required.
* How does lessons proceed ?
For example in History theteacher talks about the lesson and you take notes. Sometimes the teacher asks questions expecting students participation. In math, the teacher starts the lesson, then you have to take notes on whatis on the board, then the assignment is given and you have to do it for homework, so you get math homework every night.
* What are your school subjects ?
There are many subjects and there aredifferent levels. The obligatory subjects are English, Science, Math, History and there are many options. We’ll get you a book with a list of the different levels and options.
* What about options?
Options are business, art, computer science, world language and many other options.
* What are American students after school activities?
After school, you can practice sports for 2 hours.Some of the choices are: Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Swimming and Diving, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Dance Team (the Spartanettes), Cheerleading,…