American australian culture

American culture :
Have a reputation of « killer » even if it is with them that it is the easiest to negotiate
Very Individualists: they like acting as they like,independently of their boss
Cultivate a certain lack of formality: in their behaviours, in their clothes and use the first name to talk to people
But they like things are veryclear with them, negotiation are made on the win-win basis.
Take rapid decisions even if there is many constraints, like taking risks.
They also like proceedings veryfocused and efficiency
They like when there is many management levels with a certain respect and distance concerning power.
Their patriotism don’t hide a knowledge very limitedof the other countries and cultures

Australian culture :
Lies on egalitarianism : theory based on the fact that the society is not constituted of classes and that thesame treatment is reserved for every one whatever his socio cultural level, his bank account or skin color.
In business, they like maintaining simple relations with theircolleagues as with their bosses or partners. They are familiar between each others. They like when every level of the company participate to the meetings and decisions. This isnot very efficient. Like to know their colleagues and their points of view.
Like when there is very few management levels
Extremely modest and really focused onself-criticism but they hate being taken a look at themselves by someone else.
Don’t like constraints and need a lot of time to take a decision
Their “let go” became legendary
Theyare not leader naturally and are very discrete during negotiations due to their lack of knowledge of the other cultures
They are not considered as being hard workers