Anglais theme

1- In next to no time, the driving instructor had been able to assess the situation. The passer-by could have been run over if the car had not stopped.

2- He can’t have forgotten to come; he isnot that absent-minded. I am sure he would have come if he had been able to.

3- He has been in London for several weeks and he has not yet been able to make friends.

4- When I first wentto Spain, I could read Spanish but I couldn’t speak it.

5- The Home Secretary will speak carefully as if his audience might not understand him. Unless he can convince them of the utility of IDcards in combating terrorism, support for ID cards may recede.

6- I may be wrong but I feel my sister would have adopted that child if she had been allowed to.

7- You might as well look fora needle in a haystack.

8- He might have had to go.

9- We must have taken the wrong way for we’re back where we started. There is nothing to be seen in the area, only a few broken farmbuildings that must have fallen down years ago.

10- This head of state keeps betraying his international commitments. We must face facts: we must not let our guard down;

11- She mustn’t gettired. She is recovering from a serious illness. Fortunately she doesn’t have to work as she is quite well off.

12- You do look tired. Shall I run you a bath?

13- I am very sorry, but I willnot marry you because you are much too old.

14- You will have heard that I am going to America.

15- You will understand that this is strictly confidential.

16- She will wake up if youdon’t keep your voice down.

17- They were going to travel by train but then they decided to go by car.

18- He hasn’t done any work for his exams. He is going to fail.

19- Has he decidedon what to do when he leaves school? – Yes, he is going to have a holiday first.

20- Will you come to dinner this evening?

21- She has only herself to blame. She should have been more…