Appearances (in english)

Appearances nowadays play a predominant role in our social world. We live in a society that judges others by their looks.
Appearances are pretty important when it comes to the first impression. Itis said that it is upon the first 15 seconds that you make your first impressions. Looks matter. In the professional world outward aspect does make a difference and it is the right thing to be able toadapt your style according to the needs. Indeed, in the business world, dressing inappropriately can show that you are out of place and could make the customers doubt your capacities and you couldlose their trust only by the way you look.
I also believe that it is a form of respect to obey or follow a dress code. Dress codes are here for a reason; they can be a safety issue such as wearinghelmets or bright clothes at night, and most of the time they can be there to make sure you don’t offend anyone with the way you look. It is the main reason; it is advised to dress properly when doing ajob interview. In you workplace, clothes can send a signal on how you are going to be seen by others. It is certainly often better to look good.
Nevertheless I believe that it is a mistake that wejudge people so fast and without mercy. The outward aspects are not an accurate representation of someone’s personality. There is not always correlation between good looks and good personalities. Afterall, appearance is just a façade and you can’t know somebody from looking at their clothes. The outside does not reflect the inside.
However, it is not always the right choice to “judge a book by itscover”. You can’t determine the worth of something based on its appearance. I believe assumptions are the first step towards conflicts. When you assume things in real life, it is often wrong. Nobodycan be at its best all the time. Judging someone upon the first moment of meeting him is most likely misreading this person. In this matter, it has become a serious concern for people to fit in the…