Part One: Haunted
4 8 The Manor by Julie Cros The Strange Legend of Jean by Catherine Gilant

Part Two: Crimes of Passion
11 12 14 16 Cannibalism by Melissa Pinto Ferreira Italian Pasta by Louise Magué A dangerous meeting by Sarah Ouanfouf Unhappy birthday by Magali Doireau

Part Three: Exotic Tales
18 20 22 Holidays by Samia Bouachaïb Convict by Destiny by Vaïté Corin The ColorCrew by Sabrina Biddouri

Part Four: Stress
24 26 28 To Fail Or To Succeed? by Julie Voinet Mysterious Park by Anthony Sellier The Murderer of the Wood by Marine François

30 31 Afterword & acknowledgements About the authors


The Manor
Julie Cros
Paris, near the Sacré Cœur.
“What do you think about… Italy? asked a man?s voice. Lily and Aaron were just married, and theywere looking for their honeymoon destination. “Oh no, answered Lily. It is too “clichéd”. Why not Scotland? We both have Scottish origins. It would be a good thing.” “Yes, that is a very good idea. I think I have a tourist brochure about a manor, near a little town, errr… Inverness. Yes, there it is: “Lord Beckett?s manor, typical XIIIth century, with 50 bedrooms, a covered swimming pool, etc…The best way to guarantee good holidays.” Oh look! It seems to be a haunted manor!!!” Lily was immediately enthusiastic about it. She was a young journalist, like Aaron, and she was attracted by all the paranormal stories. Aaron was as adventurous as his wife, and he also enjoyed writing sensational articles, which had made him famous. So, they decided to go to Inverness, and write a report onLord Beckett?s manor, and maybe, with a lot of luck, see a ghost.

Edinburgh, airport.
“Sh…! It is rainning! exclaimed Lily. “What are you waiting for?” asked Aaron, with a lot of exasperation in his voice. “Get in the car darling, please. We must be at the manor for 10 o?clock!” Lily took her place next to Aaron, and put her hand on Aaron?s, and said: “The driver is strange, isn?t he?” askedLily. “It would not be impossible that he was a…” “I am not a ghost, madam. But be careful, the manor is haunted, and


they are not very friendly,” he said, with a horrible smirk. “Thank you sir, we are… reassured,” replied Aaron. “Sugar,” he said to Lily, “you should sleep now.” And this she did. Three hours later, the taxi arrived at the manor. It was a very sinister manor, built withdark red stones, which were spoilt by time and many storms. All the windows were narrow, and suddenly, a strange white form passed by the back of a window. This detail did not escape Lily?s eye: “Did you see that, Aaron? Oh my god! Pick… pick up the camera,” she said, with precipitation. “What?” asked Aaron, surprised. “Do not worry, nobody will manage to catch her,” sniggered the driver. “Catch?Catch who?” asked Lily and Aaron, whith the same tone of voice. “Ha ha! The woman ghost of room 12. Stupid question… She was Lord Beckett?s girlfriend.” “What?! Really?” “Yeah… It is a surprise, isn?t it?” he said, while he took the couple?s suitcases. In fact, she was not really his girlfriend. She loved Beckett, but he only saw her as a good friend, and he did not feel real love for her.When she knew that, she took a knife and pierced her heart. Beckett was destroyed and sad, but not as much as Mary wanted. So, to punish him, she decided to haunt him and the room where she ended her life. “It… it is terrible, and… terrifying,” said Lily. “Just a piece of advice, you should not speak about that story… if you value your life.” During the story, the trio had rejoined the hillydaymaker?s group in the manor, and had to stop speaking due to the fact that Lord Beckett was coming down the center stairs. Lily was charmed by his beauty straight away. He was tall and slim. His curly dark hair was strewed by white hair. His hollowed cheeks sculptured his beautiful face; his eyes were green, but something in them showed Lily some sadness and fear. When Beckett looked at the…