Floreal knitwear ltd swot analysis

Floreal Knitwear SWOT analysis
Strengths Weakenesses
•Superior reputation: High quality of product and services. (Ciel Textile 2010)
• Good markets share: F.K Ltd has worldwide leading rankingsand work with renowned European and US retail organisations through a diversified marketing network. (Ciel Textile 2010)
• High communication: the company is in constant communication with the clientsand their foreign factories via internet, video conferences, faxes, business trips, CRT etc. So as to, it eases decisions, discussions, changes and updates, and allows using strengths of eachcountry.
• Good customer service: F.K Ltd has as core competency a direct relationship with its clients, no agents / buying office between them like for some other textile companies; it is a realpartnership with clients. The confidence factor that the clients have towards Floreal, allows the company to implement themselves in Vietnam without having their own factories over there.
• Merchandising iscentralized in Mauritius:
Operation in foreign countries is then possible. ( Floreal Knitwear Company 2010)
• Expertise with Asian countries: the company has already outsourced the textile industryto Asian countries; therefore the approach to Vietnam will be easier.
• Lack of machineries: there are less and less factories with machineries in Mauritius. The company must then work only withtheir own ones.
• Lack of raw materials: F.K Ltd needs to import the raw materials from Australia, New Zealand or Asian countries (Interview of Mr Vigier De Latour, Director of Floreal Knitwear andchairman of the Mauritius Export Processing Zone Association 2010). They waste time in transports and often delay the deliveries.
• High labour cost: the company fights against worldwide competitorswhere a cheaper labour force can be found and then that offer better prices to clients.

Opportunities Threats
• Availability and even abundance of Vietnamese low labour cost, of youthful and…