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If you have never used thsi system before , you will need to get an electronic identification from the University of Texas (UT EID). Click on “I need a UT EID”. If you already have a UT EID, you can log in. “I need a UT EID”

Click “Continue”

For most of you, these answers are “NO”. Mark the circles andclick “Continue”.


Note that you do NOT need to fill in all of the blanks. Please use your real name and USF e-mail address. THERE ARE MORE SCREENS, but you shold be able to navigate them successfully. NEVER OBTAIN A SECOND UT EID. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT AN ASSIGNMENT, YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR.

You are now ready to log into the homework system!



Once you have clicked “Getting Started” and logged in, you will see this

You need to request enrollment in the “homework course” associated with your lecture section. Click “Enroll in new course” .

YOUR UNIQUE COURSE NUMBER IS 014810 (8:35am) OR 024810 (10:45am).
Enter that number, click “Look up course info.”, choose the correct section, and click “Requestenrollment”. The instructor must approve your request. Once that is done, the course will appear when you log into

Congratulations! You are ready to do some homework.


If you are logged into Quest, click on “Help” to see this information. Irrelevant information has been omitted here.
Help – Instructions for Students
Getting StartedView the FAQ for students a) Obtain a UT EID b) Make sure your browser is supported c) When you view « My Courses », if you don’t see any courses listed, click « Enroll in new course ». Obtain the unique number for your class from your instructor and enter this when prompted. Your instructor will be notified that you want to register, and you will see a status message indicating that your enrollment ispending. d) Viewing and submitting your assignment Choose My Courses to view your course listings, and then choose a course to see the assignments associated with that course. Click on an individual assignment to see questions and a form to submit your answers. Questions have many different variations, so your assignment will be different from another student in your class. All assignments havedue dates and your instructor has the option of displaying a solution after the due date has passed. *** Email your instructor with all Quest issues. ***
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher for Windows Firefox 3.0 or higher Safari 3.1 or higher for Macintosh Browser support Here are the browsers that are currently supported:

Note: IE on the Mac is *not* supported. Recommended browsersJavascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser options.



a) Significant digits and precision The computer carries out all calculations to at least six significant digits. Do not use « significant figures » algorithms to round off your answer. Do not round off ‘intermediate’ calculations. Six digits are shown in solutions. To be scored as correct, an answer must bewithin 1% of the computer’s answer (except for an answer of zero, which must be exact). You will be informed of any exceptions to this tolerance. b) Scientific/Engineering notation (« times 10 to the power ») Very large or very small numbers may be input with « scientific notation, » e.g., +3.56e-10, which is 3.56 times ten to the negative tenth power. However, 468 (or 468.0) is just as good as+4.68e+02 or +4.68E+02. Constants and Conversion Factors


Be aware that using conversion factors and/or constants not identical with those used by the algorithm in the computer may cause discrepancies (e.g., using pi = 3.14 instead of pi = 3.14159265358979324). In general, constants other than those given in the links below should be given in the question by the instructor….