George Orwell

The environment pictured is the workplace, of large office where employees are seated at individual workstations. On each screen, an eye is watching the worker who is worked on thecomputer. The Eye symbolizes the boss’s eye, which reminded us of G. Orwell “Big Brother”
It means that is bosses spy on them employees without known’s it/be of aware of it. The Company networksenable the management to keep an eye on the workers/to check on the work done by the employees.
What is wrong with this? After all. The Well-being of firm may (require) such scrutiny.
Conversely,employers should (trust) this employees.
So, what’s the limit between checking upon employees for the sake of a company and spying upon them ?

Employees have to communicate with their client’s troughthe internet or with their fellow workers trough the intranet. But they can them (use) to send personal messages or to browse websites that have nothing to do with work. Should they be blamed for it?It can _ (lead) to _ unfair dismissals or it cam be consider _ as a breach of _ individual liberties.
_ Surveillance cameras are supposing to be place _ on company premises for security reasons.However._ can be use _ to spy _ employees.
What about clocking in and out? _ Smart cards that tell _ each of _ movements?
Aren’t _ disguised forms of spy _ _ employees?

Traduction:L’environnement décrit est le lieu de travail, du grand bureau où des employés sont assis à différents postes de travail. Sur chaque écran, un oeil observe l’ouvrier qui travaille sur l’ordinateur. L’oeil symbolisel’oeil du patron, qui nous a rappelés G. Orwell « grand frère »
Il signifie qui est les patrons remarquent sur eux des employés sans connu d’averti de lui. Les réseaux de compagnie permettent à lagestion de garder un oeil sur le contrôle sur le travail effectué par les employés.
Quel est le problème avec ceci ? Après tous. Le bien-être de la société peut (exigez) un tel examen minutieux….