If there is one problem that is seen as the biggest hurdle to the growth of organizations across the world and across sectors, it is talent scarcity. As part of the HR function, recruiting is mostcrucial and time-consuming function of any HR department. This leads to a complete transformation in the way recruitment function is perceived by organizations around the globe. This emanates from thesimple logic that when companies across worldwide are trying to focus on their core functions and out-source all non-core functions, why shouldn’t recruitment be outsourced by experts too? Having saidthat, it isn’t difficult to understand why recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as a concept has gained such popularity in a span of few years. Initially, companies expressed reservations, sincerecruiting the right individual is so crucial to an organization’s success. Companies soon realized that with talent crunch becoming a perennial problem, it’s time to bring in the experts.

Ourservices as an RPO:

This includes recruitment, job analysis, process design: RPO providers are demonstrating the value-add that RPO can bring to an organization through their involvement inthe planning phase of a client’s human capital needs.

SOURCING & SCREENING: online candidate sourcing, networking, and communication.

The candidate sourcing and screening process is verychallenging; often there are limited qualified candidates for open positions, but an abundance of irrelevant resumes. Sourcing and screening includes active and passive headhunting, referral handling,candidate tracking, market intelligence gathering and building recruiter domain knowledge and compiling screening tools. While the hiring decision remain an internal one, RPO providers help to supportmanagers in a variety of ways to speed the hiring process.

– Targeted direct contact networking:
Our primary methodology utilized for direct search campaigns (passive candidates/ updated…