Etude marketing galeries lafayette

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I. Internal analysis 6
a. Presentation 6
b. Strengths and Weaknesses from the SWOT 10
II. International expansion objectives 11
a. First three-years objectives 11
b. Long term 12
III. Luxury Department Stores: sector analysis 13
a. Global Scale 13
b.Turkey scale 16
c. Saudi Arabia 17
d. Israel 18
I- Country selection 21
1. General situation indicators 21
a. Average annual income per capita – 2007 data 21
b. Consumer expenditures and savings levels 22
c. FDI: Foreign Direct Investments 24
d. Economic Freedom 26
e. Global risks and vulnerabilities 28
Synthesis of global indicators 32
2. Consumerlifestyles 32
II- Entry Strategy 35
III- Business partners 37
Part III 39
a. Global analysis of demand 40
b. Analysis of Israeli Demand 42
c. Conclusion about demand 43
II- Competitive analysis 44
a. 5 Forces of Porter 44
b. Two last elements of the SWOT: Opportunities and Threats 48
c. Strategy chosen Product Extension Communication Adaptation 49
III- Company salesforecast 51
IV- Design of preliminary international marketing plan 53
a. Executive Summary 53
b. Situational Analysis 53
c. Opportunities 53
d. Objectives 53
e. Strategy 53
The strategy is described as Product Extension Communication Adaptation (Competitive analysis, part c.) 54
h. Controls 54
V- Marketing mix analysis 55
Price 55
Place 55
Product 56
Promotion 56People 57
Process 59

Global Marketing |


Les Galeries Lafayette is a luxury department store, Les Galeries Lafayette represents 33% of the turnover of the group of the same name GALERIES LAFAYETTE. This group owns also Louis Pion-Royal Quartz ( jewelries and clocks), BHV (house equipment) , Laser(children store), Monoprix (gourmet food) .
In this document we will conduct an internal analysis of the company, trying to highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats available for Galeries Lafayette. This analysis will lead us to determine several international expansion objectives for a medium and long term.
We have chosen Turkey as a main potential target country for aninternational expansion and we had also decided to study the possibilities of an international expansion in the Middle East countries, most particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel.
The luxury market particularities, the international perception of luxury and the presence of potential competitors in those countries have legitimized our choice.

I. Internal analysis

This internal analysis of Galeries Lafayette will be shared into two parts: a presentation of the company and the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses from the SWOT.
a. Presentation

Firstly, Galeries Lafayette is a luxury department store. The most famous is Galeries Lafayette Haussman and it takes place in Paris on the Grands Boulevards area. Itis the biggest luxury shop in Europe. Galeries Lafayette is sailing clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, parfums for women, men and children. In Galerie Lafayette, people can find brands as Hugo Boss, Les Petites, Gérard Darel, Gucci, Chanel, Bill Tornade…mostly French brands but also other famous international luxury brands.
Luxury jewelry such as Fred, Chaumont, Cartier, Tiffany can be found.Make up and cosmetics from Chanel, YSL but also Bourgeois or l’Oréal can be bought in the place. Galeries Lafayette can also provided food, but only gourmet food; with a high range of French fresh products and a lot of international food.
Finally, Galeries Lafayette has its on brand, Galeries Lafayette, available in every Galeries Lafayette store. The brand supplies make up, cosmetics,…